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When was the last time you got your drains cleaned? If you can’t answer that question easily, it may be time for you to hire professional drain cleaners in Laurel or elsewhere in Central Maryland.

Routine drain cleaning is one of the easiest ways to reduce your plumbing costs and the need for repairs. Clogs can lead to major problems, and All Clear Plumbing & Drain Services has the tools and expertise you need to tackle them head-on. When you work with a professional, you can leave the messy parts of home maintenance up to us. You don’t have to worry about snaking hair or food scraps out of your pipes – leave it for the pros!

What We Can Do For You

If you live in Laurel, drain cleaning should be a critical part of your home maintenance. It’s not just about keeping your pipes clean and reducing build-up – there are a whole host of reasons why you should consider cleaning your drains.

Prevent Clogs

First and foremost, you’re less likely to get clogged drains if you regularly clean them. Soap scum, hair, food scraps, grease, and other items can build up over time and form clogs in your drains. If allowed to get worse over time, these clogs can actually cause problems with your sewer lines, pipes, and other plumbing system components. Cleaning your drains gets rid of the debris so it will not accumulate to the point of forming a clog.

Avoid Repairs

When clogs are left unaddressed, they can lead to more severe plumbing issues such as pipe damage or even burst pipes. The cost of emergency repairs and potential water damage can be substantial. Routine drain cleaning in Laurel and the surrounding areas can prevent these issues, saving money in the long run.

Improve Drainage

Are you tired of slow drains in your home? A thorough, professional drain cleaning service may help. Don’t put up with standing water in your tub or sinks that back up no matter how much chemical drain cleaner you use.

Eliminate Odors

If you’ve noticed your kitchen sink (or another drain) has a particular smell, the problem may lie with a clog. When food or other materials accumulate in your drains, the result can be unpleasant, and clearing away clogs is the only way to truly solve the problem.

Better Hygiene

Standing water may actually become a health hazard, as it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If you notice your drains backing up frequently, it’s time to get them cleaned for the sake of you and your family.

Drain Cleaning Methods

You may be wondering: how do professionals clean my drains? How does this differ from what I can do myself? Let’s walk through some of the most common methods of drain cleaning in Laurel and throughout Central Maryland.