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Take Care of Your Water Heater

No home can survive for long without consistent hot water. That’s why the team at All Clear Plumbing & Drain Services offers quality water heater repair and replacement in Laurel and the surrounding areas in Central Maryland.

Water heaters only last between eight and fifteen years, depending on the type of device you have, as well as the fuel source and how well you maintain it. A plumber from our team can not only install your water heater but can also maintain it and repair it if something goes wrong. This is why it’s so important to contact us if you suspect something is off about your water heater – we will do our best to ensure it lasts the full scope of its lifespan.

How to Choose a New Water Heater

There are several different factors you should consider when selecting a water heater replacement in Laurel and Central Maryland. Your water heater will last for around a decade, if not more, so it’s important to fully consider and understand your options before buying a new appliance like this.

Type of Water Heater

There are two primary types of water heaters that are installed in residential settings. Others not listed here include solar-powered water heaters and heat pump water heaters.

Household & Usage

The size of your household is often a good proxy for how big the water heater you need should be. However, you may use more hot water than the average household. Let’s say you do laundry and run the dishwasher on a daily basis, or you have multiple family members getting ready at the same time in the morning. This may affect what type of water heater you need.

Fuel Source

Electric and gas are the two most common power sources for your water heater. If you already have a gas hookup, this may be the way to go. As plumbers, the team at All Clear Plumbing & Drain Service performs gas line services and can help you set up a new gas line if required to power your water heater. However, if you don’t have any other gas-powered appliances, an electric water heater may be a better bet.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient water heater is also a cost-effective one. Keep an eye out for models that prioritize energy efficiency, as these will save you money in the long run (and are better for the environment).


If you’ve used a particular brand of water heater that you’ve liked before, you may have a preference here, but more likely than not, you’ll need to rely on the professionals to give you the best brand recommendations. We’ve seen it all, and we know which models are the most durable on the market.

Maintenance & Installation Requirements

A tankless water heater typically requires very little maintenance, whereas a traditional water heater does involve regular maintenance to keep the tank in good shape. However, the initial installation of a tankless heater is more expensive. It’s smart to talk through the process with your plumber before choosing which water heater to purchase.

Next time you need water heater replacement in Laurel or the surrounding areas, give All Clear Plumbing & Drain Service a call. We’re standing by and ready to help with your plumbing needs.